Friday, October 5, 2007

10. Standardized Work

Why Standardized Work?

􀂾 Provides a basis for employee training
􀂾 Establishes process stability
􀂾 Reveals clear stop and start points for each process
􀂾 Assists audit and problem solving
􀂾 Creates baseline for kaizen
􀂾 Enables effective employee involvement and pokayoke
􀂾 Maintains organizational knowledge

Disconnects & Misconceptions

􀂾 Standardized work is sometimes mistaken to be a static
work process
􀂾 Workers may feel threatened that their jobs are at risk and
therefore may not participate fully in optimizing the
􀂾 Standardized work may not show immediate results due to
other factors:
- worker attrition
- additional training requirement
- improvement cycle just beginning

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