Friday, October 5, 2007

17.Heijunka Product & Production Leveling

Heijunka Key Concepts

Heijunka is defined as "The distribution of production volume and mix evenly over time"

Heijunka converts uneven Customer Pull into even and
predictable manufacturing process ¾ Heijunka is generally used in combination with other key Lean principles to stabilize value flow

Heijunka is a core concept that helps bring stability to a
manufacturing process

The Need for Heijunka

There are a number of reasons for implementing Heijunka:

Product Leveling
+large batches of the same product may reduce set-up times and
changeovers, but usually result in:
- long lead times,
- swelling inventories
- greater opportunities for defects.

- excessive idle time and/or overtime.
+ An even mix of products is critical to avoiding these impacts

Production Leveling
- Remember the "Beer Game"? Fluctuationsn demand ( Boller or "Bullwhip" Effect) are often highly amplified and delayed throughout the supply chain.
- Responding to fluctuating customer demand can result in increased overtime or idle time.
- Variable production schedules can be stressful = Unhappy workers.
- A more level production volume eases these complications

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