Friday, October 5, 2007

2.Team/Work Group Structure and Roles

Team Leader Role

1. Plan, schedule and facilitate team meetings.
2. Facilitate communications between shifts and teams.
3. Solve problems using authority delegated.
4. Plan and coordinate team actes, ensure proper job rotation
5. Plan and provide or arrange for team member training (OJT or classroom).
6. Promote safety, quality and housekeeping.
7. Promote and ensure constant improvement in the team (e.g., quality, cost and efficiency).
8. Obtain materials and supplies for the team.
9. Be knowledgeable of all operations within team, provide coverage for team members who are away from the work area (i.e., absent, relief, emergency, first aid, etc.)
10. Maintain team records, such as overtime scheduling/equalization, preventative maintenance, attendance, traning, etc.
11. Participate in management meetings and communicate the needs of the team.
12. Participate in the evaluation of team members, however, does not have the final word.
13. Responsible for the morale and performance of the team.
14. Schedule vacation of group members.
15. Check on health and welfare of group members.
16. Encourage group to meet responsibilities.
17. Promote suggestion process.
18. Other tasks as determined by the work team.

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